The Development of Technology in Sports


Sport is changing past couple of decades, and technology is one of the crucial things that make a lot of sports become more interesting nowadays. And even, there are annual sports technology awards in the world of sport for the latest technology ideas. But one of the disadvantages of technology in sports is that it will slow the speed of the game. On the other hand, many people think that this thing makes them more enjoyable to watch game to find the right decisions to be made.

Assisting Referees or Umpires

Many professional sports in United States come with instant replay and also a couple of other technologies in order to help referees or umpires to make the right decision. Gridiron is one of the providers that have applied video replay system in order to check the calls that have been made by the referees for a couple of years. Referees of basketball use instant replay systems in order to see whether the shot has made within the shot clock or not. In cricket, there are three umpires that are called the game. One is out one the field who are using wireless technology to communicate with other umpires. The second umpire is sitting off the ground and he can access the TV replays in order to advice the central umpires of a couple of specific situations. The third umpire can make decision without having to communicate with two central umpires. Football is the sport that has not used technology assistance yet. Meanwhile, replay is very crucial in football in order to decide whether the ball passes the goal line, off-side decisions, and decide the penalty decisions.


Hawk-eye is the name of camera and computer system which traces the trajectory of the ball. This technology in sports has been used in tennis and cricket, and a couple of other sports will also use this type of technology. This technology has also been trialled in football in order to decide the goal. English Premier League has confirmed to use the goal-line sensors after rule-makers of football have approved this. This system has been developed by the company named Hawk-Eye that comes from United Kingdom. The technology of hawk eye was also used by rugby at the 2015 Rugby World Cup in order to improve the decision-making and also help the safety of the player. It can enhance the video review instead of the ball tracking technology which has been used in a couple of other sports.