How to Start Playing Clash Royale

This guide will give you a couple of tips and tricks on how to start playing Clash Royale. For those of you beginners of this game who are looking for tips on how to play and win this game, you are in the right place. This game gained its popularity after has been released in March of 2016. The real fact is that this game got an award from Apple as the game of the year and from Google Play as the best game.

For a couple of years, Clash of Clans was a wall-known game, but Clash Royale overshadows it. There are a couple of same characters, troops, elixir, gold, and a couple of other elements that you can find, but the style of the game is very different form its competitor. You will find difficulty in order to collect the card and it is hard for you to fight your opponents on the spot but it is very fun.

For those of you who have downloaded this game and want to find the easiest to win this game, this article will give a couple of tips which will be useful for you. For you beginners out there, you learn to kill Prince of Giant, take down enemy buildings, play good defence, and win the game. You have to read a couple of tips, strategy, and details to get higher levels into better Arenas.

It is more addicting to play Clash Royale than Clash of Clans, so before you download this game, you have to use caution. This is extremely fun in order to play this game. You just have to get used to the managing resources such as gold, with the layout, and create a deck for battle. It is well recommended for you to have three or two good decks.

In Clash Royale, you will fight the real-time enemy and they will fight back. You just have to use defence and offense, timing to win, and strategy. Before deploying more troops, the longer the wait for Elixir to regenerate the bigger and more troops you use. You just have to consider that good strategy and do not change the winning streak. At the beginning of the game you will find the difficulties to match your enemies, but you have to keep playing and learn how to defeat your enemy. It is well recommended for you to check out the latest change logs.


SimCity Buildit Tips for Countless Simcash

This mind-blowing SimCity Buildit Tips will help you to earn unlimited money in the game. What you need to do is just pay attention to the game. There are several ways to earn unlimited simcash, but there are only three simple and accurate ways. A long as you know the principal game, it is pretty easy to get the money.

Well, you should create the good layout for residence. The most effective way to create the space is by building blocks. The good layout of your space will bring many residents to your place. Moreover, there is also SimCity Buildit Hack that you need to pay attention to. As you know, the purpose of this game is persuading the residents to visit you. The first think you can think about is to build your own space. You don’t have to make it with the big one, instead, you can use 2×2 block to create the space. Do this to make each block. The rest of the area you can maximize to give spaces for parking and also fields and garden.

The second SimCity Buildit Tips you can use is by expanding your factory. Factory plays an important role for earning your simcash. It often happens that your storage is full of loads. This is something that people usually confused how to deal with this problem. Expanding your factory is easy, but if you have your storage full, the first thing you can do is by upgrading your city storage.  This can give you spaces and you will be able to expand your story, instead of popping the speech bubbles. Mostly, people waste their time by speaking to speech bubbles. The effect is sometimes disappointing since you need to speak and pooping the bubbles, while the other elements of the games are running.

Like in the real life, you have to work hard on order to earn money. The same principal goes to this game. The tips you can have are by keeping your factory busy. If you have stores too, you can also expand the stores and keep them busy. The question is how can you keep the residents visiting you? Like the second tips, you need to upgrade your stores and factory.

Playing SimCity Buildit with SimCity Buildit Tips will give you an easy way to earn the unlimited simoleons. There are plenty tips you can see in the internet, but here you have the simplified yet effective. You don’t have to put so much effort for playing this game.

Some New Features On Google Map That Will Excite You

For those who love traveling or simply want to add easiness as part of their daily life. The addition of Google map is essential. To add convenience for Google map users, the application is updated regularly. Perhaps, some of you already knew about some new features on Google map, however, for those who don’t, here are some new features to note. Starting from expand voice command, this feature allows you to command the app with your voice by saying first OK Google, and then followed with your command. The best thing about this feature is that, you even can use it for another usage like phone call, for instance.

In addition some new features on Google map include also integrated gas price and detour information. It’s not a new thing that the price of gasoline in some countries can be very unsteady. Inform you beforehand about the prices, you can eliminate something unexpected. Detour information is a feature that shows you places that you want to go, such as coffee shop, grocery store, and so on. For you who yearn some kind of feature where you can add icon or such to certain place like your home or your office, guess what? That kind of feature is available now.

Notification of mass transit delays and WI-FI only mode, not all of you know about these some new features on Google map. Mass transit delays, this one maybe not that useful for some people, but still it doesn’t make this system useless. Enhance the utility of mass transit delays, there is alerts system. Nevertheless, you decide yourself whether this feature is for you or not. Next one is WI-FI only mode that will be loved, if not all, most of Google map users for its benefits for sure.

To activate the aforesaid feature, users only need to get the setting menu, where they can on/off the feature with toggle function. It’s said that using this feature, you can use less data, which makes this feature very convenient, though, in certain circumstance you have to use your data, thus you can command certain function that you need. To hinder any interruptions when you are using Google map application, for instance, the shut down of internet connection or suddenly you have no access toward your data connection, it’s highly recommend that you find and download certain map that you need. Get benefits from some new features on Google map, making sure that you always use updated version.

Pixel Gun 3D hack tutorial to Gain Free Coins and Gems Instantly


Pixel Gun 3D is a multiplayer based war and battle game which is still popular up until now. This game is free to download and play, however, it offers in-app purchase for you who wish to add gems and coins to buy items. Here, we present you the easiest Pixel Gun 3D hack tutorial, which will allow you to purchase any guns and other items without paying. The free resources are completely free to use and working. Check out the complete tutorials below.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Tutorial without Download

One of the most famous hack tools is the online hosted one. In this Pixel Gun 3D hack tutorial, you will not be required to download any software. Your computers and devices are not prone to viruses, spywares, and malwares if you use the Pixel Gun 3D generator. The very first thing that you need to do is to find the best online hack tool by reading the reviews and feedbacks of the users. If you have already decided which site to use, you can start hacking. Input the username that you use in the game. After that, input the desired amount of gold and gems. Wait for a while to allow the hack tool to do the work before checking the game.

How to Install and Download Other Hack Tools

If you are not a fan of online hosted hack tool, check out the downloaded ones. First of all, you need to carefully pick hack tool download links which are not fake. If you happen to download the fake one, there is a high possibility that it contains viruses or other threat. When you have found the right link, download the hack tool and extract the file. After that, run the .exe file and install the tool. Connect your device to the computer afterward and select your device platform. Once your device is detected, you can input the number of resources that you wish to add.

However, you need to carefully choose the real ones. If it is possible, check whether the generator that you are about to use is safe by reading the feedbacks. I hope that this Pixel Gun 3D hack tutorial will be useful for you to be the best player in Pixel Gun 3D. Let us know if you manage to get free coins and free gems.