Final Fantasy XV Review: Offering new Experience for Both Newcomer or Old Fans

The Final Fantasy XV claims itself that can be played for both first-timers and faithful-old fans of Final Fantasy. This is an admirable idea because it creates a great fusion to a game that has been developed in nearly six years from the latest series. Fortunately, we felt the duality’s dominance after playing the game for couple hours like limiting the vast experience that we got. Otherwise, this game has a bigger way to satisfy the fans or just first-timer gamers who just play this game for the first time. We have compiled all of them in this review and let’s take a brief message into it.

Tight Bond of Characters

The commitment of the protagonists of Final Fantasy XV just cannot be severed. They have strong, glued and family-bond relationships each other. It is such a fact that might spoil our entire game in the game along many threatening missions and story developments that we got within it. They consist of Prince Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis. They assemble themselves into a group who hunt for evil in a land of Lucis. Luckily, this world is an open world that the players can explore every inch of it. The game does not really reveal the main element of the danger that befalls in the land of Lucis until the players realized it in the end of the game. Thanks to the side missions that really separate us to the main story and the vast scale of map as well. The bond between those protagonists leads us into insubstantial mission and cutscenes. But, we still believe that those are nothing except reinforcing the character developments and exposing the bond or relationship of long-time and close friends.

Goodbye Turn-Based Combat

The gone is turn-based fighting combat that has made Final Fantasy as popular as today. Instead, the Final Fantasy XV uses the latest-trend of RPG games, real-time combat. But, it does give our new experience of playing FF series. Those four friends fight together like a tag-team match. Once someone is fallen, others may take his hand and cheer him up to wake up again and again. It is such a kind of enjoyable thing to see in this long-running series of game. They are really competent in that combat seriously even though Noctis is the one who are capable to use any type of weapon here since he is our main controllable character as well.


Overall, there are so many things that should be explained in Final Fantasy XV review. But, we think it is enough because this game is worth it to be played in your PlayStation 4.

Pyre and the Exciting Gaming Platform

Pyre is a new and upcoming game developed by Supergiant Games after their quite successful release with Transistor and Bastian. This is another reason why gamers are excited to the release of Pyre because they have known the quality of those previous two games before. There are a lot of exciting new things to expect from the game and it is definitely a worth waiting for.


Pyre Development Stage and Release Plan

Supergiant Games will act as both the publisher and developer. This action RPG game will be available for PS4 and Microsoft Windows. Pyre is expected to release somewhere in 2017 without further and detailed explanation about the exact date. It seems that there is still a fix or preparatory work underway so we just have to wait and see.


Pyre Plot and Game Play

The Pyre game itself is taking place in a fantasy environment. You need to control your main character as you meet the other three characters (known as exiles) as you need to join forces together and defeat other exiles. You will form the Reader, the name for your team, where you need to travel around the purgatory land to combat others in order to cleanse the souls. The travel can happen only by day as you will have to stop at night. During the night time, you need to decide what kinds of actions to do to improve your team or to support each other. You can explore the world’s lore, scavenge the supplies, or mentor the other three so their skills can improve.


When you are about to deal with the other exiles, you will open the Rite, which is the combat system of the game. The Rite itself has been developed and combined from Transistor, Rocket League, and DOTA so there are some exciting features to expect. Seriously. There is also a local multiplayer mode where two players can control different teams. For now, having the online multiplayer seems like a difficult thing to do so Supergiant is skipping on that matter. However, there is always a possibility of development when they are able to do such a thing.


Pyre and the Expected Outcome

So far, it is difficult to say whether the game will be a huge success despite the many claims of its greatness and strength.  We can only wait and hope that Pyre will be as good as promised – as well as expecting the outcome to be satisfactory.


Essential Township Trick You Might Want to Know

Township is a game of development and construction. In this game, you build a city from zero. At first, you will be given resources in the form of fields and farm. You are asked to build the town out of the resources. The resources in turn will be used to get your coins or cash in order to develop your town into bustling city. In order to play the game effectively, you might want some effective tricks for the game. The following are Township trick you might want to know.

The first Township trick is related to the animal in the farm. In order to make the animal enclosures more efficient, you need to always get their feeds set in the Feed Mill. Then, if you want to milk your cow, you need to have several cows in line. With this procedure, you could have the milk in continuous way without delay in a day. Try to reach level 22. This level will unlock and open Academy of Industry. The structure will enable you to buy upgrades for your town. With this, you could have several benefits, such as extra boxed. Moreover, your factories will deliver the goods faster, increase your product items, and make the delivery faster.

Before purchasing T-cash, you need to be patience. As part of Township hack, wait until there is a special discount. This way you could have lot more T-cash than at the normal prices. In exchanging for premium currency, you could always watch ads video in the Helicopter. When you have to deliver orders to a relatively big town and need to speed up, you could do the Township trick as follow. Visit the town while the copter is still hovering in the air. Then, you back to your home town immediately. You will see that the copter is already in its dock and ready to take you flying another order.

You might be tempted to use hacking tool offered by several sites. These sites offer unlimited T-Cash and coins. But, they will only give you trouble once you are tempted to use them. They also often could not do their job as you wish. Those are several Township tricks which will be able to increase your skill levels. Though you’ve already the tips, you need to always exercise the game. Be always careful with your crops and factories. Do not forget to take the helicopter orders, and be active in helping your friends.

Follow these Roblox Tips

Roblox is user-generated game with interesting and attractive graphic. You will find several Roblox tips in this article to get into the top player list. Before discussing about such matters, it is better to know roblox and its properties. User generated game means players are able to create their own characters and environment then interact with others. Roblox world consists of thousand environments from users. As beginner, you can start with simple character and building. After that, you can expand it into more complex structure.

The key to be top player is to obtain robux as much as possible. For your information, this thing is virtual money for transaction. Use robux to purchase items or obtain the premium membership. Before paying the real money to get robux, originally this game is popular for kids and teen due to safety environment. Administrator keeps the game in the safe and comfortable situation. Players need to follow sets of rule in order to prevent violation. When players do a mistake, some punishments are ready to meet. The simplest one is warning. After three times of warning, you will be ban for three days. Because of such thing, Roblox tips are the valuable ways to follow.

One of Roblox tips is extensive play. It is fairly easy because people with much period of playing will accumulate more items. Developer provides this game for several platforms. You are able to play in computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. There are no restrictions about gadget or device. As long as your device is able to install Roblox, everything is ready to play.

Builders Club is one of premium modes from Roblox. If you intend to reach the top player, having this account is much recommended. Players need to pay certain amount of money. The benefit of Builders Club is regular Robux. You will get certain amount of stipend to expand your world in Roblox. Of course, money in this case is Robux.

Some players try to find another way. They use Roblox hack to get unlimited robux. Actually, hack tool only gives certain robux without paying for premium membership. Of course, robux is limited, but you can get it every day. Using hack is very tempting to use. You do not be bothered with robux on disposal. Be careful for fake hacking tool. It is better to check this stuff from trustworthy source.

From some Roblox tips, you just need to pick one by one to follow. Beginner should read thoroughfully everything about roblox. After that, you are ready to be the top players in Roblox world. Therefore, enjoy this game to spend leisure time wisely.

How to Start Playing Clash Royale

This guide will give you a couple of tips and tricks on how to start playing Clash Royale. For those of you beginners of this game who are looking for tips on how to play and win this game, you are in the right place. This game gained its popularity after has been released in March of 2016. The real fact is that this game got an award from Apple as the game of the year and from Google Play as the best game.

For a couple of years, Clash of Clans was a wall-known game, but Clash Royale overshadows it. There are a couple of same characters, troops, elixir, gold, and a couple of other elements that you can find, but the style of the game is very different form its competitor. You will find difficulty in order to collect the card and it is hard for you to fight your opponents on the spot but it is very fun.

For those of you who have downloaded this game and want to find the easiest to win this game, this article will give a couple of tips which will be useful for you. For you beginners out there, you learn to kill Prince of Giant, take down enemy buildings, play good defence, and win the game. You have to read a couple of tips, strategy, and details to get higher levels into better Arenas.

It is more addicting to play Clash Royale than Clash of Clans, so before you download this game, you have to use caution. This is extremely fun in order to play this game. You just have to get used to the managing resources such as gold, with the layout, and create a deck for battle. It is well recommended for you to have three or two good decks.

In Clash Royale, you will fight the real-time enemy and they will fight back. You just have to use defence and offense, timing to win, and strategy. Before deploying more troops, the longer the wait for Elixir to regenerate the bigger and more troops you use. You just have to consider that good strategy and do not change the winning streak. At the beginning of the game you will find the difficulties to match your enemies, but you have to keep playing and learn how to defeat your enemy. It is well recommended for you to check out the latest change logs.


SimCity Buildit Tips for Countless Simcash

This mind-blowing SimCity Buildit Tips will help you to earn unlimited money in the game. What you need to do is just pay attention to the game. There are several ways to earn unlimited simcash, but there are only three simple and accurate ways. A long as you know the principal game, it is pretty easy to get the money.

Well, you should create the good layout for residence. The most effective way to create the space is by building blocks. The good layout of your space will bring many residents to your place. Moreover, there is also SimCity Buildit Hack that you need to pay attention to. As you know, the purpose of this game is persuading the residents to visit you. The first think you can think about is to build your own space. You don’t have to make it with the big one, instead, you can use 2×2 block to create the space. Do this to make each block. The rest of the area you can maximize to give spaces for parking and also fields and garden.

The second SimCity Buildit Tips you can use is by expanding your factory. Factory plays an important role for earning your simcash. It often happens that your storage is full of loads. This is something that people usually confused how to deal with this problem. Expanding your factory is easy, but if you have your storage full, the first thing you can do is by upgrading your city storage.  This can give you spaces and you will be able to expand your story, instead of popping the speech bubbles. Mostly, people waste their time by speaking to speech bubbles. The effect is sometimes disappointing since you need to speak and pooping the bubbles, while the other elements of the games are running.

Like in the real life, you have to work hard on order to earn money. The same principal goes to this game. The tips you can have are by keeping your factory busy. If you have stores too, you can also expand the stores and keep them busy. The question is how can you keep the residents visiting you? Like the second tips, you need to upgrade your stores and factory.

Playing SimCity Buildit with SimCity Buildit Tips will give you an easy way to earn the unlimited simoleons. There are plenty tips you can see in the internet, but here you have the simplified yet effective. You don’t have to put so much effort for playing this game.

Pixel Gun 3D hack tutorial to Gain Free Coins and Gems Instantly


Pixel Gun 3D is a multiplayer based war and battle game which is still popular up until now. This game is free to download and play, however, it offers in-app purchase for you who wish to add gems and coins to buy items. Here, we present you the easiest Pixel Gun 3D hack tutorial, which will allow you to purchase any guns and other items without paying. The free resources are completely free to use and working. Check out the complete tutorials below.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Tutorial without Download

One of the most famous hack tools is the online hosted one. In this Pixel Gun 3D hack tutorial, you will not be required to download any software. Your computers and devices are not prone to viruses, spywares, and malwares if you use the Pixel Gun 3D generator. The very first thing that you need to do is to find the best online hack tool by reading the reviews and feedbacks of the users. If you have already decided which site to use, you can start hacking. Input the username that you use in the game. After that, input the desired amount of gold and gems. Wait for a while to allow the hack tool to do the work before checking the game.

How to Install and Download Other Hack Tools

If you are not a fan of online hosted hack tool, check out the downloaded ones. First of all, you need to carefully pick hack tool download links which are not fake. If you happen to download the fake one, there is a high possibility that it contains viruses or other threat. When you have found the right link, download the hack tool and extract the file. After that, run the .exe file and install the tool. Connect your device to the computer afterward and select your device platform. Once your device is detected, you can input the number of resources that you wish to add.

However, you need to carefully choose the real ones. If it is possible, check whether the generator that you are about to use is safe by reading the feedbacks. I hope that this Pixel Gun 3D hack tutorial will be useful for you to be the best player in Pixel Gun 3D. Let us know if you manage to get free coins and free gems.

Pokemon Go Hack To Hatch Egg For Lazy People

Pokemon Go To Hatch Egg

There are several ways of Pokemon Go hack to hatch egg. For your information, hatching an egg is such as a bonus mission for Pokemon trainer because they can have a new Pokemon without catching it via Poke Ball. It might sound impossible, but we have the tricks tough. This special article is dedicated for all lazy Pokemon trainers who do not want to walk too much in hatching the Pokemon egg on their phone. Mostly, those tricks are still working until now. So, do not worry to test and trial them by yourself before declaring that they are not real or hoax.

Ceiling Fan

Every Pokemon trainers may be unthinkable about this hack. The first Pokemon Go hack to hatch egg is by putting your phone on the ceiling fan. But, it should be on slow movement because the app will record it through walking. If you moved your ceiling fan too fast, the data would not be recorded obviously. Just like when you play Pokemon through your car, right? There is a tip in putting the phone on the fan. You can use duct tape to secure your phone on it. We are sure that your phone will be safe during the movements because it is slowly, not the fast one.

Model Trains

The next way of Pokemon Go hack to hatch egg is by playing model trains. Of course, you have to purchase model railroad first to make this hack successful. After you have it, place and secure your phone while playing Pokemon Go on the model. Make sure you play the model in slow mode. Regarding to the data recording, slow movement of the phone is important than fast movement as same as the first hack method.  Some laps of the trains will make the hatch kilometers move properly. Just wait until one of your eggs hatched.

Pokemon Go Hack To Hatch Egg withDog

Lastly, we have to use our pet as beneficial as possible. Dog is a perfect pet for playing Pokemon Go because it loves to run and move wherever it wants. Put your smartphone on your dog. Of course, the Pokemon Go should be running when you put it on the dog. After that, you just release your dog on your house or yard. Once again, securing the smartphone is the highest priority here. We believe that you have your own way to secure your phone on your dog. Let us wait for some minutes until your dog looks tired. Check the hatch kilometers or miles and see how this Pokemon GO hack to hatch egg works.

Boom Beach Hack For iOs Easy and Free Diamonds

Hack tool free diamonds for boom beach

You need this Boom Beach hack for iOs since you are iOs users. We know that this game has been released for iOS users first. In other words, we have more experiences to play this RTS game than android users. We took this advantage to find some tricks and tips for playing Boom Beach easily for newbie players. This game is growing its popularity right now. With the same developer of CoC and Clash Royale, this game is very worth to be played in your spare time. The goal of this game is by defeating other islands on your map. In the end, you might be the most powerful island in the world rank.

Boom Beach Hack For iOs:Do Not Attack the Guns

This game is simple. You just have to destroy the enemy’s base to win the game and get all resources like gold and wood. But, this goal is always being forgotten for the Boom Beach players. They focus to destroy enemy’s guns before reaching the base. Please consider this Boom Beach hack for iOs. You have more experiences than android players obviously. So, direct attack to the base is better than you take down their guns firstly. You have many chances to place your troops to do direct attack at their base. You can trick their way with controversial placements obviously and avoid the guns.

How to Get Free Diamonds

There are 2 ways to get free Diamonds and it is our third Boom Beach hack for iOs surely. The first way is by completing the achievement. You can see it on the upper left of your screen. Of course, it needs much effort to complete the achievements. The second way is easier of course. You can get free Diamonds by exploring the map. During the exploration, you have a chance to get a chest which contains free Diamonds. Of course, it is more enjoyable, right? Besides getting other resources like lumbers and gold, the Diamonds’ chest is also free for you if you are lucky.

Good Defense

Last but not least, creating good defense is your last target. Attack may be important for you but having strong defense is more important. With a good defense, computers’ or players’ attack do not take much from your base. First of all, you have to set the perimeter of your base. Then, build some guns or towers to defend your lovely base. Multiple layers are what we are talking about here. Learn from your enemies and apply their strategy to your Boom Beach hack for iOs.

Clash Royale Hack Trick Trusted and Worked

Clash Royale Hack Trick

Clash Royale hack trick can be claimed as the way out for all Clash Royale’s players to reach different and higher level from where they are stuck right now. Do you know how long the players have to wait to gain new level when they have reached the level of more than 50? It takes weeks playing continuously to get points for reaching higher level. This hack trick can be your new partner while playing in Clash Royale online. Unless you believe in what is stated here, you can just prove it by yourself.

The Trustworthy Clash Royale Hack Trick

It does not require you those crap things that might have tricked you in clicking the link or the web but there is not any information in it. That makes the players get more annoyed and also disappointed. The great and trusted cheat trick should be able to give the precise information which is highly sought by the people. If you look out all over the internet, you will get some trusted web with the link to give you limitless number of both gems and gold.

Accessing the Clash Royale Hack Trick

Clash Royale hack trick can be implied that you are going to trick other people especially all of your opponents. You will have better level compared with your mates during the game. You will have countless gems and stacks of coins which cannot even be imagined in your game itself. You can use these gems and coins for speeding all of your progresses up and for skipping everything that takes too much time to finish. That kind of waiting makes you sweat, right?

Feeling curious about the Clash Royale hack trick, visiting the web should have been the first thing to do. You need to be very careful because there are too many websites which offer some viruses to break down all of your components in your computer. These tricks will be able to work well and be compatible with your gadget as long as you have empty the storage to be able to download and keep the hack tool APK.

You will be asked to do some several surveys before finally get the link for regenerating coins and gems. After following all the procedures from download the file, run the program, follow another instructions from the programs needed, you will be able to get all bonuses. What else that you cannot get from Clash Royale can be obtained from the Clash Royale hack trick.

Be Awesome After Playing Awesomenauts Assemble!

Awesomenauts Assemble

Not only your PC but also your Play Station 3 or 4 and also Xbox 360 can now enjoy the presence of Awesomenauts Assemble! It is an online game that takes place in an arena where there would be 2 teams consist of three players defeat one another. Although this game has not been made in 3 dimensions but it has the complete package of modern genre in 2D setting. The users will notice that there is a wide range of classes with advance system. This game underlines about how to create strategy to win during the battle and be the champion.

What to Enjoy in Portable Console

Awesomenauts Assemble has been added by the new improvements with more choices of characters. This game is all about the battle with gun shooters rapid and also running action. If you are really into the genre of MOBA, this game is a must have for your console. There are some previous reviews about this game which have been figured out by the game testers and game addicts. We are going to start with the positive review first.

Compared to its predecessor in the version of PS3, this step up version of Awesomenauts Assemble shows significant improvement. Say it, new features in new characters will serve you satisfactorily. If you keep playing until you reach level 20, you will be totally addicted and you will never be able to stop playing it. Of course, there would be some new challenges to conquer but in the end you will still fall in love with this gun shooters game. The graphics really pamper your eyes and the performance is beyond the normal measurement. The progress of this Awesomenauts Assemble is quite rapid and pace so that you can hardly reach the next level longer.

Meanwhile, some other points that people dislike Awesomenauts Assemble are because of the expensive cost which does not go up based on what they had expected before. Yet, for some people who are able to control the cost will only spend their money in $10 at maximum. Then, the progress between it with the previous version does not look much different. Indeed, there is some progress but it is not that much. This game and the other games with the same MOBA genre, I personally say that this game offers more satisfaction and also challenge. Thus, spending a few dollars for bigger pleasure will not hurt anybody, will it?


The Easiest Cheat, 8 Ball Pool Hack Online Tool


Who did never hear the game 8 ball pool? If someone did, then he is really not into games. People who like playing game must ever heard this game. The game is developed by game developer company called miniclip. The developer has provided many kinds of the game in order to be able to be played from various devices to reach more users. It has the PC and mobile version. The game itself can be both very relaxing and annoying. The later is mostly because people keep on losing playing this game. This game is an online multiplayer one. In order to improve your level you must participate to a tournament. However in order to participate you must paying with your 8 ball pool coin. Don’t have enough coins? You certainly can’t play. Since the price to participate differs according to the kind of tournament you want to join. Tournament with high reward sure costs a lot more compared to tournament with low reward. Sure like it’s capitalism applied within a game right? You want to improve your level, but in order to do that you have to pay with coins. While you improve your level because you don’t have enough coins. That is exactly why exist 8 ball pool hack online tool to help you improving coins in no time!

8 ball pool hack online tool itself is just one of many kinds hack tool for this game. There are many others but 8 ball pool hack online tool if I must say is the easiest to use. As you only need to enter your username of your 8 ball pool. However, many sites which say their online hack tool will work like wonder, turns out it’s just an utter crap. Usually these kinds of website will provide anonymous review in the website to make new user believe that it will work. You must certainly be attentive in order to differentiate scam 8 ball pool hack online tool with the one which really work.

Try to look the review. Make sure it is from real people and not bots set up by the website. If the comment within the review is only praising how wonderful the tool is, then it must be likely set up by the website, it is not from real people. Using scam 8 ball pool hack online tool might get your device to install unwanted application or malware.

Lego Marvel’s Avengers Game, Simple but Very Fun to be Played

Lego Marvel's Avengers

The Lego Marvel’s Avengers game was finally released for PS4 console on January 26th, 2016. It adds many more games that come exclusively for PS4 because there is no additional information whether the game will be launched for PC or not. Let’s talk about this game. Just like the Lego Marvel game series before, this game comes in many characters. We can discover more than 100 characters in this game. It will be interesting because you will need much of time to unlock all of the characters. But, some characters have the same characteristics. So, sometimes you feel just wasting your time to unlock certain characters because they have the same characters with others.

The gameplay has not many differences with the previous version of Lego Marvel games. It can be said that Lego Marvel’s Avengers game is little old fashioned. It doesn’t mean that the game is bad and you will get bored when playing the game. The game is packed beautifully in fun with many contents in it. The game still focuses in puzzle solving through action adventure mission. The game is still the same with the previous version. There will be two or more characters that travels through levels, fighting with the enemies while solving the puzzles that sometimes will need unique character ability.

Some characters have their own ability such as Black Widow has invisible ability that will be useful to sneak though the enemy or the security system, Tony Stark has special ability to fix any broken mechanics. Then, the combat style in Lego Marvel’s Avengers game is simple, limited to one attack and another special attack. There are new unique moves in this game when two characters combining their skills such as Thor with Captain America combining their skill, Thor will strike his hammer on Captain America’s shield to create massive shockwave. It will be very interesting for you to find the characters’ movement combination because it will create special attacks.

The gameplay simplicity makes this game feel light and fun to be played, although by a kid. Besides the main story, you can also find several large open worlds areas that can be explored. The open world areas look more interesting and live compared to the previous version of Lego Marvel games. If you are a big fan of Marvel characters, playing this kind of game will be give you much of enjoy and fun. It’s worthy for you to try Lego Marvel’s Avengers game and get the excitement.

Subway Surfers Hack Tricks for beginner


We know that this game is very addictive and many people are looking for Subway Surfers hack tricks for sure. Perhaps, this mobile phone has unique gameplay and forces them to play this game more and more. Only one thing which we dislike from this game is about the coins and keys system. If you do not use any hack, it is very money-consuming. Yeah, you have to buy the coins in real money. Meanwhile, we have already played this game so far and need coins to continue it. If we did not, we must star from the beginning once more. I will divide these tricks into two points, Android and iOs users.

Android Users

The first trick of Subway Surfers hack tricks is only for Android users. First of all, you need to meet the requirements. If you did not, I believe your hack won’t work properly on your Android device. Download my hack tool in this page and save it on your computer. Then, download ES explorer too. After all, you may start to cheat your game. Delete all of Subway Surfer game on your device. You can find it by using ES Explorer. Then find Subway Surfer folder. Extract downloaded cheat files into your phone and place them on the Subway Surfer folder. Restart the game and your account will have unlimited coins.

iOs Users

Next, we are going to iOs users of Subway Surfers hack tricks. As same as the first trick, you need to download our cheat hack purposely. Then, the requirements are DiskAid tool in order to replace the files such as ES Explorer. You just need it as requirement. Now, we move to the first step for iOS users. Install the Subway Surfers game freely into your iPhone. Then, install the requirement app either. Open the DiskAid and then find out Subway Surfers game right on the display. Then, copy all folders inside and paste inside the original folder. Wait for a second to paste the file and restart your device. Play the game and your account will have unlimited coins.


All of those Subway Surfers hack tricks are still working on both devices now. DO not wait any further time because it won’t work if the developers update the entire game. Once you see this post, do it immediately in order to get better results. Remember, you need to download requirement tools before replacing the original data with our cheats.

Dying Light the Following has a unique way to reveal its map

Dying Light The Following

The Dying Light the Following is a new expansion of Dying Light game. This expansion is very attractive and unique for all Dying Light gamers all over the world. Techland which develops this game so far was just launched this expansion. It consists of new campaign, new map and many more. For your information, an expansion is required for games these days in order to make those games keeping alive and be played by their gamers. However, expansion pack goes wrong today because the developers force the players to buy the DLC with their real money. In past, expansion pack is totally free and included within the game. In other words, you bought a game with the expansion in the same time and you do not need to buy it once again.

Techland has a unique way to give the Dying Light the Following expansion for their gamers. They announce to the players who want to see or reveal the map or content of this game completely. This time, they work with Twitter. Thus, the players should using #TweetForSpeed and tweet it @DyingLightGame account and their will clear the fog map inside the game or expansion. For your information, this feature is integrated with the slot on the car when you are driving a car in the game. So, you discover the fog with the car, you will clear it and your map will be expanded more and more.

Michal Napora as the community manager of Dying Light the Following claims that they got the idea with the current trend which is happening nowadays. People love to connect the real life with internet. That is the point. So, the developer of this game wants to connect their game into internet by using twitter. The name of this unique campaign is TweetForSpeed. Of course, it requires the real time management to play this campaign. Moreover, they will also broadcast it on Twitch live. However, this project is barely started. Therefore, there is no significant work yet with the campaign.

This expansion will be released next month or February 9 2016 for the details. The consoles which will get the expansion are Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. For your information, this DLC will come with the release of the Dying Light’s Enhanced Edition either. The players should but this expansion by spending $20. If you did not have the DLC yet of Dying Light yet, you must pay $30 for the Dying Light the Following.