Some New Features On Google Map That Will Excite You

For those who love traveling or simply want to add easiness as part of their daily life. The addition of Google map is essential. To add convenience for Google map users, the application is updated regularly. Perhaps, some of you already knew about some new features on Google map, however, for those who don’t, here are some new features to note. Starting from expand voice command, this feature allows you to command the app with your voice by saying first OK Google, and then followed with your command. The best thing about this feature is that, you even can use it for another usage like phone call, for instance.

In addition some new features on Google map include also integrated gas price and detour information. It’s not a new thing that the price of gasoline in some countries can be very unsteady. Inform you beforehand about the prices, you can eliminate something unexpected. Detour information is a feature that shows you places that you want to go, such as coffee shop, grocery store, and so on. For you who yearn some kind of feature where you can add icon or such to certain place like your home or your office, guess what? That kind of feature is available now.

Notification of mass transit delays and WI-FI only mode, not all of you know about these some new features on Google map. Mass transit delays, this one maybe not that useful for some people, but still it doesn’t make this system useless. Enhance the utility of mass transit delays, there is alerts system. Nevertheless, you decide yourself whether this feature is for you or not. Next one is WI-FI only mode that will be loved, if not all, most of Google map users for its benefits for sure.

To activate the aforesaid feature, users only need to get the setting menu, where they can on/off the feature with toggle function. It’s said that using this feature, you can use less data, which makes this feature very convenient, though, in certain circumstance you have to use your data, thus you can command certain function that you need. To hinder any interruptions when you are using Google map application, for instance, the shut down of internet connection or suddenly you have no access toward your data connection, it’s highly recommend that you find and download certain map that you need. Get benefits from some new features on Google map, making sure that you always use updated version.

The Development of Technology in Sports


Sport is changing past couple of decades, and technology is one of the crucial things that make a lot of sports become more interesting nowadays. And even, there are annual sports technology awards in the world of sport for the latest technology ideas. But one of the disadvantages of technology in sports is that it will slow the speed of the game. On the other hand, many people think that this thing makes them more enjoyable to watch game to find the right decisions to be made.

Assisting Referees or Umpires

Many professional sports in United States come with instant replay and also a couple of other technologies in order to help referees or umpires to make the right decision. Gridiron is one of the providers that have applied video replay system in order to check the calls that have been made by the referees for a couple of years. Referees of basketball use instant replay systems in order to see whether the shot has made within the shot clock or not. In cricket, there are three umpires that are called the game. One is out one the field who are using wireless technology to communicate with other umpires. The second umpire is sitting off the ground and he can access the TV replays in order to advice the central umpires of a couple of specific situations. The third umpire can make decision without having to communicate with two central umpires. Football is the sport that has not used technology assistance yet. Meanwhile, replay is very crucial in football in order to decide whether the ball passes the goal line, off-side decisions, and decide the penalty decisions.


Hawk-eye is the name of camera and computer system which traces the trajectory of the ball. This technology in sports has been used in tennis and cricket, and a couple of other sports will also use this type of technology. This technology has also been trialled in football in order to decide the goal. English Premier League has confirmed to use the goal-line sensors after rule-makers of football have approved this. This system has been developed by the company named Hawk-Eye that comes from United Kingdom. The technology of hawk eye was also used by rugby at the 2015 Rugby World Cup in order to improve the decision-making and also help the safety of the player. It can enhance the video review instead of the ball tracking technology which has been used in a couple of other sports.


Mirror’s Edge: Minimalist in Graphic Perfect in Plot

Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge is the name of a game that gives and provides the new freshness in originality and creativity that are poured into a complete package. The game tells about a girl that can run but she does not run in the normal roadway. She runs just like those people who are worth to be called as the parkour. Yes, it is apparently a kind of extreme exercise which is very popular in France. As a PC game, you need to prepare the huge space so that you can play it comfortably.


The Plot in Mirror’s Edge

This girl’s name is Faith and her sister Kate who works as a policewoman was trapped in a murder scenario. Sadly, the victim of the murder is her superior who has stronger power. Faith suggests her to run away but Kate refuses it due to her personal reasons. As Kate wants to reveal the truth, Faith promises to figure out what had happened. The enemy who does not want their identity gets leaked wants to kill Faith in return. Indeed, in the game of Mirror’s Edge the usage of weapons is allowed but using them is not the main focus.

Faith should be able to protect herself and get rid of any kinds of danger. She should run over and over again. When it is needed, she should jump from a building to another. This game also challenges your mental because you are needed to murder at least a person in order to be closer to your victory. Sometimes the urgent situation forces you to run away because of the difficulties in controlling the weapons.

The features of this Mirror’s Edge are quite impressive. There would be the slow motion effects which are called Reaction Time. This FPS game also has the minimalist but impressive graphic. How could it be? The use of colors in this game is mostly in the colors of grey and also white. Even the style of the FMV is in the style of the cartoon. Is not that quite entertaining and appealing?

As the players, you will notice how the combination of colors and also the different textures look much more realistic from all points of view. This game needs to be completed with some requirements. They are the 1 GB RAM, Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz with Windows 7 or Vista or the XP SP2 as the OS. You can enjoy playing Mirror’s Edge.

DOTA 2 the Major in Philippine confirmed


Good news for SEA DOTA 2 teams because the DOTA 2 the Major will be held in Philippine on the next event after China. The event is called as The Manila Major. For your information, Valve as the DOTA 2 developer divides The International into some tournaments in a year and it is well-known as the Major. This tournament is divided based on the regional servers which are also provided for DOTA 2. The previous major was The Frankfurt Major last year which is owned by Team OG. Then, the Shanghai Major (or Winter Major) is now on progress of qualification which will be held in Shanghai, China.

Today, Philippine is officially announced as the host of DOTA 2 the Major. It will be held in Manila thus we call it as The Manila Major. This will be the second major tournament of DOTA 2 community in this entire world after The Shanghai Major for 2016. The date of Manila Major will hit on June 2016 later. As usual, Valve will continue the Major into The International 2016 after the Manila Major. It means that they will have 4 major tournaments in a year for DOTA 2 community. It shows that how big this community after the first TI on 2011 ago.

The announcement of DOTA 2 the Major by Valve offers pros and cons for DOTA 2 community and pro players. One of Team OG player, MoonMeander, has disappointed about this announcement because he prefers the Major should be conducted in Singapore. Otherwise, Team Secret responds this announcement in positive argument that they want to see their fans in Philippines. Yeah, we do not know yet the criteria by Valve to choose Manila as the next Major. Meanwhile, SEA server is derived from Singapore. Moreover, Singapore has ever conducted some big tournaments previously.

Last but not least, the DOTA 2 the Major is not the only one major tournament which is held in Manila. The ESL One is also going to be conducted in this city. It can be the proof for this country that eSports does not belong to popular country only. In addition, SEA server is claimed as the worst server for Dota 2 community. There were many dramas coming from this server. If EU and America servers have Russia and Peru as the blamed people in every match, SEA server has Pinoy (Philippines’ DOTA 2 players) who always got blamed in every pub game.