Final Fantasy XV Review: Offering new Experience for Both Newcomer or Old Fans

The Final Fantasy XV claims itself that can be played for both first-timers and faithful-old fans of Final Fantasy. This is an admirable idea because it creates a great fusion to a game that has been developed in nearly six years from the latest series. Fortunately, we felt the duality’s dominance after playing the game for couple hours like limiting the vast experience that we got. Otherwise, this game has a bigger way to satisfy the fans or just first-timer gamers who just play this game for the first time. We have compiled all of them in this review and let’s take a brief message into it.

Tight Bond of Characters

The commitment of the protagonists of Final Fantasy XV just cannot be severed. They have strong, glued and family-bond relationships each other. It is such a fact that might spoil our entire game in the game along many threatening missions and story developments that we got within it. They consist of Prince Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis. They assemble themselves into a group who hunt for evil in a land of Lucis. Luckily, this world is an open world that the players can explore every inch of it. The game does not really reveal the main element of the danger that befalls in the land of Lucis until the players realized it in the end of the game. Thanks to the side missions that really separate us to the main story and the vast scale of map as well. The bond between those protagonists leads us into insubstantial mission and cutscenes. But, we still believe that those are nothing except reinforcing the character developments and exposing the bond or relationship of long-time and close friends.

Goodbye Turn-Based Combat

The gone is turn-based fighting combat that has made Final Fantasy as popular as today. Instead, the Final Fantasy XV uses the latest-trend of RPG games, real-time combat. But, it does give our new experience of playing FF series. Those four friends fight together like a tag-team match. Once someone is fallen, others may take his hand and cheer him up to wake up again and again. It is such a kind of enjoyable thing to see in this long-running series of game. They are really competent in that combat seriously even though Noctis is the one who are capable to use any type of weapon here since he is our main controllable character as well.


Overall, there are so many things that should be explained in Final Fantasy XV review. But, we think it is enough because this game is worth it to be played in your PlayStation 4.