Pokemon Go Hack To Hatch Egg For Lazy People

Pokemon Go To Hatch Egg

There are several ways of Pokemon Go hack to hatch egg. For your information, hatching an egg is such as a bonus mission for Pokemon trainer because they can have a new Pokemon without catching it via Poke Ball. It might sound impossible, but we have the tricks tough. This special article is dedicated for all lazy Pokemon trainers who do not want to walk too much in hatching the Pokemon egg on their phone. Mostly, those tricks are still working until now. So, do not worry to test and trial them by yourself before declaring that they are not real or hoax.

Ceiling Fan

Every Pokemon trainers may be unthinkable about this hack. The first Pokemon Go hack to hatch egg is by putting your phone on the ceiling fan. But, it should be on slow movement because the app will record it through walking. If you moved your ceiling fan too fast, the data would not be recorded obviously. Just like when you play Pokemon through your car, right? There is a tip in putting the phone on the fan. You can use duct tape to secure your phone on it. We are sure that your phone will be safe during the movements because it is slowly, not the fast one.

Model Trains

The next way of Pokemon Go hack to hatch egg is by playing model trains. Of course, you have to purchase model railroad first to make this hack successful. After you have it, place and secure your phone while playing Pokemon Go on the model. Make sure you play the model in slow mode. Regarding to the data recording, slow movement of the phone is important than fast movement as same as the first hack method.  Some laps of the trains will make the hatch kilometers move properly. Just wait until one of your eggs hatched.

Pokemon Go Hack To Hatch Egg withDog

Lastly, we have to use our pet as beneficial as possible. Dog is a perfect pet for playing Pokemon Go because it loves to run and move wherever it wants. Put your smartphone on your dog. Of course, the Pokemon Go should be running when you put it on the dog. After that, you just release your dog on your house or yard. Once again, securing the smartphone is the highest priority here. We believe that you have your own way to secure your phone on your dog. Let us wait for some minutes until your dog looks tired. Check the hatch kilometers or miles and see how this Pokemon GO hack to hatch egg works.