Pyre and the Exciting Gaming Platform

Pyre is a new and upcoming game developed by Supergiant Games after their quite successful release with Transistor and Bastian. This is another reason why gamers are excited to the release of Pyre because they have known the quality of those previous two games before. There are a lot of exciting new things to expect from the game and it is definitely a worth waiting for.


Pyre Development Stage and Release Plan

Supergiant Games will act as both the publisher and developer. This action RPG game will be available for PS4 and Microsoft Windows. Pyre is expected to release somewhere in 2017 without further and detailed explanation about the exact date. It seems that there is still a fix or preparatory work underway so we just have to wait and see.


Pyre Plot and Game Play

The Pyre game itself is taking place in a fantasy environment. You need to control your main character as you meet the other three characters (known as exiles) as you need to join forces together and defeat other exiles. You will form the Reader, the name for your team, where you need to travel around the purgatory land to combat others in order to cleanse the souls. The travel can happen only by day as you will have to stop at night. During the night time, you need to decide what kinds of actions to do to improve your team or to support each other. You can explore the world’s lore, scavenge the supplies, or mentor the other three so their skills can improve.


When you are about to deal with the other exiles, you will open the Rite, which is the combat system of the game. The Rite itself has been developed and combined from Transistor, Rocket League, and DOTA so there are some exciting features to expect. Seriously. There is also a local multiplayer mode where two players can control different teams. For now, having the online multiplayer seems like a difficult thing to do so Supergiant is skipping on that matter. However, there is always a possibility of development when they are able to do such a thing.


Pyre and the Expected Outcome

So far, it is difficult to say whether the game will be a huge success despite the many claims of its greatness and strength.  We can only wait and hope that Pyre will be as good as promised – as well as expecting the outcome to be satisfactory.