Some New Features On Google Map That Will Excite You

For those who love traveling or simply want to add easiness as part of their daily life. The addition of Google map is essential. To add convenience for Google map users, the application is updated regularly. Perhaps, some of you already knew about some new features on Google map, however, for those who don’t, here are some new features to note. Starting from expand voice command, this feature allows you to command the app with your voice by saying first OK Google, and then followed with your command. The best thing about this feature is that, you even can use it for another usage like phone call, for instance.

In addition some new features on Google map include also integrated gas price and detour information. It’s not a new thing that the price of gasoline in some countries can be very unsteady. Inform you beforehand about the prices, you can eliminate something unexpected. Detour information is a feature that shows you places that you want to go, such as coffee shop, grocery store, and so on. For you who yearn some kind of feature where you can add icon or such to certain place like your home or your office, guess what? That kind of feature is available now.

Notification of mass transit delays and WI-FI only mode, not all of you know about these some new features on Google map. Mass transit delays, this one maybe not that useful for some people, but still it doesn’t make this system useless. Enhance the utility of mass transit delays, there is alerts system. Nevertheless, you decide yourself whether this feature is for you or not. Next one is WI-FI only mode that will be loved, if not all, most of Google map users for its benefits for sure.

To activate the aforesaid feature, users only need to get the setting menu, where they can on/off the feature with toggle function. It’s said that using this feature, you can use less data, which makes this feature very convenient, though, in certain circumstance you have to use your data, thus you can command certain function that you need. To hinder any interruptions when you are using Google map application, for instance, the shut down of internet connection or suddenly you have no access toward your data connection, it’s highly recommend that you find and download certain map that you need. Get benefits from some new features on Google map, making sure that you always use updated version.